The people we lead deserve our best,
so we ought to get better.


So…why am I wasting my time
looking at this website?

Great question!

Let’s answer that with another question, because that’s mysterious and sage-like.

How do leaders grow?

Leaders grow through experience. Everyone agrees that experience is the best teacher (except for that one person who doesn’t have any). But there’s a catch.

Getting older doesn’t guarantee that you’ll grow up.

Some leaders have 50 years of experience, but they haven’t grown because they keep re-living the same year over and over.

Growth comes from new perspective.

Experience leads to growth when perspective is added into the picture (pun intended.) You can get new perspective from books, conferences, podcasts, blogs, and even pain and failure

The best perspective comes from a trusted relationship.

This is why we’ve created Leading Youth Ministry: to help youth workers win as leaders through coaching. Who is helping you become a better leader?

Experience + Perspective can lead to growth
as a leader.


The Benefits of Coaching

  • Identify your pain points

  • Set realistic goals

  • Trench-Tested training

  • Accountable for Results

The Benefits of Coaching by LYM

Our unique leadership experiences has lead to coaching that is:

  • Practical—not tied to a single model of leadership or youth ministry strategy

  • Relational—training that isn’t transactional

  • Personalized—you create the “curriculum” from more than 50 topics

  • Truthful—which leads to increased mental toughness


SPOILER ALERT: If this is your question, then the answer will probably hurt your feelings.
This kind of foolish thinking springs from a prideful, self-sufficient heart. This arrogance results not just in mistakes, but pain and destruction. More importantly, God is opposed to pride. If you feel like this, you probably shouldn’t be leading in the church.
(I tried to warn you.)
Truth is, you need to believe in the benefits of coaching in order to get anything out of it.
You might not need me as a coach, but you do need someone.

I might need a leadership coach.


What will the coaching look like?

Below you will see all the different types of coaching that we offer to help you win

I know as you look at the different options we offer, you will have questions
Please reach out to us and we can talk about
What you need help with, the cost, the process and is it smart to give a jr. higher an energy drink?

Virtual Development

6 month 1-on-1 coaching

  • Step 1: Strategy
    Ministry Assessment that is detailed and comprehensive to help us get to know you and discover the areas we can help you win

    Creation of Strategic Plan for development

  • Step 2: Development
    12 Video Calls structured to train, strategize, create action, and strengthen you as a leader

    5 Training Topics to focus on with “work at your own pace” studies

    Full Email Access anytime during the 6 months

  • Step 3: Follow-up
    3 Month Follow-Up video call to assess strategic plan to adapt and move forward or change

Onsite Development

2 full day onsite coaching

  • Step 1: Strategy
    Ministry Assessment that is detailed and comprehensive to help us get to know you and discover the areas we can help you win

  • Step 2: Development
    Training, Exercise and Coaching Driven Sessions to 6 key elements over a 2 day period, onsite

    Day One Sessions: The Healthy Leader + Programming + Brand (Culture)
    Day Two Sessions: Volunteers + Relational Ministry + Administration Management

    2 Month Email Access and accountability with the goals that were set, after the 2 days are complete

  • Step 3: Follow-up
    3 Month Follow-Up video call to assess strategic plan to adapt and move forward or change

Branding Development

Brand + Environment coaching

  • Step 1: Audit
    Brand Assessment covering 3 areas: Internal branding – values, mission, and culture. External branding – name, logo, colors, print and marketing, website, social media etc. Customer experience – customer support and customer service policies

    Environment Assessment (space planning, colors, furniture, tech etc.)

  • Step 2: Development
    1 Video Call walking through a detailed report of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, advice for improvement and strategy

  • Other Services We Offer
    – Brand design or refresh
    – Custom branding guide
    – Graphic design project
    – Environment design and layout
    – Environment price list and execution strategy

One Time Development

1-on-1 coaching

  • Step 1: Development
    2 hour Video Call to help you walk through places you feel stuck and have concerns

    Create a Strategic Plan (no matter what we talk about, a plan needs to be developed to move forward)

Think this might be helpful? Schedule a meeting below so we can talk

So, what’s next?

More About the 50+ Topics
More About LYM Coaches

Choose from more than 50 leadership topics.

If you are looking for something that didn’t make the list, let us know and we’ll do what I can to address that need.

  • Building (or rebuilding) programs strategically
  • Elements of a great crowd program
  • Elements of a great small group program
  • Serving projects
  • Teaching and Preaching
  • Discipleship without programs
  • Student leaders
  • Enhancing your Critical ministry processes (visitors, missing, new believers, baptism, etc.)
  • Family Friendly Ministry
  • Parents of teens small groups
  • Making ministry relational
  • The art of asking questions
  • Taking students to the next level
  • Pastoral care
  • Crisis care
  • Weddings and Funerals
  • Ministry teams
  • Ministry to girls
  • Ministry to guys
  • Event Planning
  • Administrating your ministry (calendar, events, budget)
  • Communications and marketing
  • Technology and Ministry
  • Creating a strategic volunteer process
  • Promoting your need for volunteer leaders
  • Identifying and confirming potential volunteer leaders
  • Integrating new volunteers into ministry
  • Caring and coaching your volunteer leaders
  • Evaluation
  • Transitioning volunteers out
  • The Anatomy of a Leader
  • My Marriage and Kids
  • “Self-awareness”
  • Strategic Planning….and leading
  • Defining your Skills and Passions
  • Creating your ministry culture: creative repetition without rituals
  • Encouraging others
  • Learning from criticism
  • Initiating conflict
  • Supporting your senior pastor
  • Being a team player at your church
  • Understanding your strengths
  • How to learn from success
  • Developing greater humility
  • Transitions: into a new church
  • Transitions: out of your church
  • How to avoid burning out
  • I’m ready to give up, now what?
  • How you know it (might) be time to leave
  • Managing your time and energy
  • Leading Change Well
  • Develop a critical mind while avoiding a critical heart

Enough already… I want to…

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Everyone who is coached by Leading Youth Ministry will be able to scale this mountain. Easily.