Here are a few ideas for deepening relationships. This could be adapted as a resource for your small groups or used as a follow up for a message on fellowship.

Maximizing the power of your small group


DON’T talk to make conversation,
OVERCOME the false safety of superficial relationships,
BECAUSE it’s better to use your words to make a difference.

DON’T hide your personal brokenness,
OVERCOME your fear of rejection,
BECAUSE spiritual people have problems too.

DON’T contribute to a critical and negative environment,
OVERCOME the desire to ignore your flaws by condemning others,
BECAUSE grace and mercy lead to immeasurable quantities of freedom.

DON’T hide your confusion or ignorance,
OVERCOME the pride that props up a façade of false confidence,
BECAUSE pretenders are lonely, their true self remains unknown.

DON’T accept others inauthentically,
OVERCOME the temptation to fake it,
BECAUSE counterfeited relationships don’t fool anyone.

DON’T immediately seek rescue from the storm,
OVERCOME the painful dreadful season,
BECAUSE God has something to say, and show, you.