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Important: having a coach is a big commitment, so you ought to be interviewing us as well. Think through some questions you have for us that will help you discern if this coaching is a fit for you.

My name is Nate Sams and I’ve had the awesome experience of being a Pastor, Designer, and someone who is passionate to help leaders win everyday in their personal lives as well as their ministry.

MINISTRY EXPERIENCE: I’ve been in full time ministry since 2004. I had the opportunity to begin in ministry at a large camp as a director, where my passion for students to see Christ was born. from there I became a youth pastor in a large church in Phoenix, transitioned to a medium sized church in the middle of the corn fields of Ohio, then to another large church in Phoenix. I’ve worked with inner-city students to rural farmers to athletes and more. I’ve experienced every type of youth ministry success, failure, growth and disappoint and hope to use my experiences to help you become more of who God has called you to be.

DESIGN EXPERIENCE: I have been a freelance graphic designer (with a degree, everybody says they design but can’t) since 2001. I truly believe that churches should be on the forefront of design and creativity. Since entering into ministry my heart has always been to help churches win with their brand and environment because its the first impression people see from your church and I don’t want it to be a hindrance from them seeing Jesus.

I have worked with some great people and companies, here are a few: Doug Fields, Download Youth Ministry, Jim Burns, Homeword, Mountain View Church, NASA, and the Phoenix Zoo.

My desire and hope for you: That you end your day knowing that God used you fully, you enjoyed working in ministry, you had quality family time, and you had quality personal growth with God, and if I can offer help to make these wins happen, then I will give it everything I’ve got for you to succeed.

Can’t wait to hear from you,          Nate

My name is Matt McGill. I know that bios are supposed to be written in the third person, but I’d rather write a short letter to you instead. Sound good?

I’ve had a mentor since 1988, Doug Fields. Other than my dad, Doug has had the biggest impact in my life–I can’t even imagine where I’d be without his influence. I know how powerful it is to have a coach. I’m passionate about investing in leaders and helping them fulfill their potential in Christ.

You might be wondering: “Is Matt qualified to be my coach?” That’s a great question! My mother would say, “YES!” But don’t take her word for it.

EXPERIENCE: I’ve been serving in full-time ministry since 1995. I’ve worked in really large churches (Saddleback Church for 16 years), and I’ve worked in really small churches. I’ve worked in healthy environments and … a few unhealthy ones. I’ve spent most of my time in student ministry, serving in just about every role: from intern to high school pastor to family ministry pastor. Over the years, I’ve led dozens of full-time staff and more than a hundred interns.

TEAM LEADER: I’ve lead small teams and large ones (the biggest had 50+ full-time church staff). I’ve also led teams consisting of only volunteers.

DOWNLOAD YOUTH MINISTRY: Together with Doug Fields and Josh Griffin, we started a great company focused on helping equip youth workers with resources that are high in quality, low in price, tested in the trenches, and customizable.

Here’s what’s driving me: As leaders in one of the most critical ministries in the church, youth leaders deserve someone to cheer them on, invest in them, and help them develop their leadership.

Blessings,          Matt

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